New Release: Recycled Yoyo Cases

Vintage appeal with a fresh recycled twist. This is an original Nintendo Gameboy bag. Durable polyester outer shell, Nintendo branded zipper pulls, backside pocket. 

Recess took the Bag to the next level with the help of Tressley Cahill, creating some custom artwork for the outside of the bag. John Wolfe's embroidery skills.

Select Loaded option to receive 6 yoyos. Includes A brand new Joyride, 3 brand new First Bases, and 2 random b-grades from the Recess archives.

Luke Hildebrand
Tiki Tiki Games Joyride

New tricks from Zafran Aqil, Luke Trautwein, and Tyler Severance all throwing the Tiki Tiki Games Edition Joyride. Tiki Tiki Games is one of our favorite retail stores. Besides their great yoyo selection its also the best place to find vintage board games and action figures. You'll ussually find a member or two of team Recess at their club every Saturday from 4-6pm.

The Tiki Tiki Edition Joyride is limited to 20 pieces and is only available at Tiki Tiki Games in Woodbury, NJ.

Luke Hildebrand