Fruit Series First Base

Fruit Series First Base


Last August in Cleveland we introduced our tribute to some of our favorite summer snacks and a few of our favorite team mates, The Fruit Series First Base. This time we've chosen a plastic thats somewhere between Opaque and translucent depending of light its in.

The First Base is the first plastic yo-yo to come from Recess, and its use ranges from starting out with yo-yo for the first time to being an experienced player. For being a plastic, however, it still is able to handle all tricks that are on the scene to this day. Its organic shape, something different from most current yo-yos, allows the yo-yo to have more of a comfortable feeling on the hand as well as allow for ease from doing tricks like Around the World to 2.5 Hook. The weight on it is quite average compared to most yo-yos, which shows that you can do tricks of any speed and it will still be able to handle anything. The First Base is also used by Recess team members and others to teach people around the world their first tricks in yo-yoing, and it will always manage to be one of the most-played yo-yos in anyone’s collection.



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Grape: Throw this First Base and cherubs will descend from heaven to feed you grapes while you listen to the Migos and drink Henessey. At least that's what Joe Wilson told us.

Peach: Thanks but our princess is in another castle! we'd rather just chill with Ahmad Kharisma anyway.

Banana: Bananas are a pillar of smoothies everywhere. Just like Ian Johnson is to the yoyo community.

Coconut: If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain, you probably dig Pat Borgerding, If you have half a brain.

Lychee: We unfortunately were unable to find lychee fruit to taste. But if the Hi-Chew flavor is any indication lychee fruit is pretty fantastic. Just like Kazuki. If you know where to find some in Philadelphia let us know!