Ywet - Anodize Edition

Year after year countless people learn how to yoyo and leave their own special, individual mark. It is a beautiful process to watch. Now with social media connecting us, it happens quicker than ever.

Occasionally there will be a yoyo player who’s style extends past their tricks, and into everything they do. The clothes they wear, their slang, all the way down to the Yoyo they play with. These things become iconic.

Danny Severance was one of these players. Cool beyond his years. His amazing tricks still have a presence in yoyoing today. His effortless style surpassed his tricks, and encapsulated his entire persona. Down to Danny’s particular yoyo of choice; the Duncan Freehand.

Danny’s signature look with this yoyo, was a limited edition Purple Glasseye Freehand. Purple was Danny’s favorite color, which developed from a childhood love of Barney on daytime TV. Instead of the stock clear caps, he opted for a blank white cap. Something that he picked up from our Friend Seth Peterson. Giving his yoyo a stark look, but very clearly “Danny’s Freehand”.

Danny was a yoyo purist. Playing his Freehand set up almost stock. A responsive bearing. Black Duncan friction stickers. Preferably a cotton string.

Danny didn’t care about getting a Signature model. Or competing. Or even really compiling an organized list of tricks for a proper video. Yoyoing to Danny was pure self expression. He played yoyo only to make himself happy. He didn’t care to form-fit his yoyoing for anyone or anything.

Danny took his own life in December of 2013. Leaving the whole yoyo community shaken. Death is never an easy thing to accept, and seems to hit even harder when it’s such an influential person.

In an effort to keep Danny’s memory alive in yoyoing, as well as getting some of these awesome unreleased Anti-Yo Ywets into player’s hands - We present the anodized version of Danny’s Ywet.

The Ywet would have been a perfect Yoyo for Danny. Over sized, organic shape, and the ability to set up for responsive play. He for sure would have loved this yoyo.

Sonny Patrick from Anti-Yo was very kind and provided some of these 10 year old raw Ywet halves, to finish in the same color as Danny’s timeless Freehand. They’re being anodized by Grunt Bull in Purple, with a Silver cup. Hand tuned by Tyler Severance.

  • $110.00 Shipped

  • 20 yoyos will go up for pre-order in the Recess web store on Friday, November 9th at 7PM EST

  • Yoyos have a shimmed gap, will be hand siliconed

  • Yoyos will ship by December 1st

  • Portion of proceeds will be donated to the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk

  • Photos below are renderings. Production finish will be slightly different


tyler severance