New Release: Joyride

After a few months of sneak peaks and tiny releases we are very excited to finally give the Joyride its due. The large organic shape feels comfortable in the hand, and the side dimple make for long, smooth finger spins. The stepped response and expertly distributed weight makes for a solid throw for casual player and the competition stage. 

The Joyride will be available where ever fine yoyos are sold October 13th.

Luke Hildebrand
Upcoming Events: Beast of the East 2017

The Beast of the East YoYo Contest is happening October 29th in Woodbury Heights, NJ. This is an invitational battle contest. That means a set of elite players from up and down the east coast are invited to head to head in a bracket style contest. Didn't get an invite? Not a worry, there's also a sport division open to all registrants.

Find out more at

Come see Team Recess at the contest on Sunday and at Geek Fest on Saturday!

See you at Worlds

As we're getting ready to board our flights to Iceland for the World YoYo Contest we wanted share a quick preview of what we'll have available at our booth. You'll also find some brand new First Bases and more!


(FYI the Jacket is one of one, it will be on sale at the booth unless Bergy tries to take it.)

update 8/9/17: we arrived in Reykjavik and Tyler forgot a jacket, sorry Bergy

Luke Hildebrand
Noyo x Recess First Base

We are very excited to introduce the Noyo x Recess First Base. This is the first release from our friend Tressley Cahill’s new project Noyo. Tressley is one of those mid-school yoyoers who if he isn't on your inspirations list, he's your inspirations inspiration list (see here, and here.) On top of that he’s also one of our favorite working designers, you've seen his work on some past Recess releases such as the Finger First Base.


The first 35 pieces will be available at the World YoYo Contest. $25 including a signed block print @ the Recess Booth.

Luke Hildebrand
Fruit Series Round 2

Last August in Cleveland we introduced our tribute to some of our favorite summer snacks and a few of our favorite team mates, The Fruit Series First Base. This time we've chosen a plastic thats somewhere between Opaque and translucent depending of light its in. Available now world wide

Grape: Throw this First Base and cherubs will descend from heaven to feed you grapes while you listen to the Migos and drink Henessey. At least that's what Joe Wilson told us.

Peach: Thanks but our princess is in another castle! we'd rather just chill with Ahmad Kharisma anyway.

Banana: Bananas are a pillar of smoothies everywhere. Just like Ian Johnson is to the yoyo community.

Coconut: If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain, you probably dig Pat Borgerding, If you have half a brain.

Lychee: We unfortunately were unable to find lychee fruit to taste. But if the Hi-Chew flavor is any indication lychee fruit is pretty fantastic. Just like Kazuki. If you know where to find some in Philadelphia let us know!

Luke Hildebrand
Team Recess at Japan Nationals 2017

Kenta Kushiro and Kazuki Morii both represented Recess in the 1A SemiFinals at Japan Nationals and killed it! Using Vacation, both managed to be very close to finals with Kenta in 12th and Kazuki in 14th. Check out their freestyles below.


Colin Beckford
Team Recess at Mid Atlantic Regionals 2017

2017 MAR happened on May 27th and team Recess took home some hardware. Congratulations to team members Andrew Bergen and John Wolfe for winning 1A and 5A respectively, Ky Zizan for taking 2nd and 1A as well as the regional champion title, and Adam Schultz for throwing down some heat in his freestyle! 

Links to freestyles below - 

Bergy 1A

Ky 1A

Adam 1A

John 5A

Colin Beckford
Mid Atlantic Regional

We hope to see you at this years Mid-Atlantic Regionals at the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania. Stop by our booth to check out some new and exclusive yoyo models!

May 27, 2017
King of Prussia Mall
160 N Gulph Rd
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Visit for more info


Luke Hildebrand
"R" Cap
"R" Cap


  • 100% brushed cotton twill
  • Unstructured
  • 6 Panel
  • Adjustable fabric slide closure with buckle
  • Embroidery by John Wolfe, in Pennsylvania 
Luke Hildebrand
Team Recess at Cal States 2017

The boys Keiran Cooper and Daniel Flaherty destroyed Cal States a couple of weeks ago, both using Vacation to place 2nd and 4th respectively. Check out their freestyles below!

Something in that Cali water must be allowing them to hit these tricks in the wind. could be the in n out too tho 

Colin Beckford

The Komodo is the third mono-metal design created by Recess, and it is a product that packs an insane amount of power for being undersized. This is the signature yo-yo of Ahmad Kharisma, and is based off of similar designs of ours such as the Weekend. The Komodo features a small design which allows for the ability to do technical tricks with ease and without the worry of the yo-yo not being able to move through dense string segments, and also helps for faster play. Although the yo-yo is undersized, it certainly packs a punch; with the weight distribution being focused on rim weight, the Komodo is still one of the most stable and forgiving yo-yos to use. If you want to be able to pull off intricate tricks with style like Ahmad, purchase a Komodo!