New Release: Snack

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Midnight Snack Front.jpg

Small enough to fit into your pocket, but big enough to maneuver through tricks you only throw on competition yoyos. Build your latest chopstick masterpiece, or arm grind for your Mother In-law. The Snack will satisfy any yoyo craving you throw at it.

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The Snack’s subtle H shape combined with it’s rounded organic profile create a unique feel on the string.  The design distributes the weight through 3 points. The innermost step, the middle step, and the outer rim. Compacting these 3 steps gives the Snack a solid feel. Maintaining the Snack’s stability, and also keeping it agile during play.


39mm wide - 50.5 mm diameter - 66 grams

Snack will be available on April 2nd at these retailers:

Luke Hildebrand