New Release: Fire Dyed First Base and 3A Snack Packs

Fire Dyed First Base.jpg

We hand test every Yoyo before it leaves Recess HQ, and sometimes we end up with quite a few yoyos we don't feel are up to the Recess standard.

The Snack performs excellently across multiple styles of yoyoing. If you are interested in 3A, this is a perfect way to get started. 3A is a tough style to break into, and even the worlds top players 3A sets are all covered in dings and scratches. Pick up the Snack Pack and keep an eye out for some fresh 3A videos from Team Recess soon!

Also, CJ Atkinson stopped by to grab the last stock of Clear First Base we had left (Dont worry! Restocking soon!) and dyed them with a little fire. Available now.  

Luke Hildebrand