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Ahmad Kharisma

Current Place of Residence- Jakarta, Indonesia


Birthday- December 24th, 1998


Favorite Division- 1A


Occupation- Student


Other Interests- Music, travel, culture


Favorite Food- Fried Rice, Fried Bread, Chicken Steak


Favorite Yo-Yo(s)- Komodo


Interesting Fact- I make songs to help me memorize biology information.

Adam Schultz

Current Place of Residence- Buffalo, New York


Birthday- October 27th, 1994


Favorite Division- 1A


Occupation- Mechanical Engineer


Other Interests- Cycling, taking amazing film photos, clothing, backpacking.


Favorite Food- Pizza


Favorite Yo-Yo(s)- Komodo, Weekend, Super G


Interesting Fact- I enjoy room temperature coffee.

Dennis cinquegrani

Current Place of Residence- Salt Lake City, Utah


Birthday- April 22nd, 1992


Favorite Division- 1A


Occupation- Behavior Therapist


Other Interests- Reading, climbing, hiking with my pets 


Favorite Food- Pizza


Favorite Yo-Yo(s) Diplomat, Vacation-


Interesting Fact- I put my slipknot on my ring finger.


Ian Johnson

Current Place of Residence- Los Angeles, California


Birthday- August 31st, 1994


Favorite Division- 4A


Occupation- Student


Other Interests- Skateboarding


Favorite Food- Pan fried rice


Favorite Yo-Yo(s)- Joyride


Interesting Fact- I'm training to be #1 at Rocket League

Joe Wilson

Current Place of Residence- Manassas, Virginia


Birthday- August 19th, 1993


Favorite Division- 1A as well as some 4A


Occupation- Professional Yoyo Demonstrator


Other Interests- Sneakers, clothing ,NBA basketball, skateboarding, and traveling.


Favorite Food- Chicken wings and cheesesteaks.


Favorite Yo-Yo(s)- Weekend, Vacation, Genesis, First Base


Interesting Fact- I'm right handed, but I Yoyo left handed, and I performed at Fool's Gold Day Off Rap Festival in 2015!


John wolfe

Current Place of Residence- Coal Center, Pennsylvania


Birthday- June 13th, 1997


Favorite Division- 5A as well as some 1A and 3A


Occupation- Student


Other Interests- Juggling, Puzzles and Dragons, Music, Anime


Favorite Food- Wings, Noodles, Burgers


Favorite Yo-Yo(s)- First Base, Diplomat, Weekend, Genesis


Interesting Fact- I write left handed but I yoyo right handed, and I'm directly related to the late Mr. Rogers.

Patrick Borgerding

Current Place of Residence- Santa Barbara, California


Birthday- December 30th, 1993


Favorite Division- 3A


Occupation- student/tutor


Other Interests- NBA basketball


Favorite Food- Clam Chowder


Favorite Yo-Yo(s)- Joyride


Interesting Fact- Organized 2015 and 2016 US National YoYo Contest

Shota saga

Current Place of Residence- Kanagawa, Japan


Birthday- November 2nd, 2000


Favorite Division- 1A


Occupation- Student


Other Interests- Rhythm game


Favorite Food- Sushi


Favorite Yo-Yo(s)- First Base


Interesting Fact- I have two cats

Zafran Aqil

Current Place of Residence- Selangor, Malaysia


Birthday- January 27th, 1994


Favorite Division- 1A, 4A


Occupation- Student/creative producer


Other Interests- Fitness, crossfit, athletics


Favorite Food - Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kerabu, Ramly Burger (come to Malaysia for food, really)


Favorite Yo-Yo(s) - Recess Vacation, Recess Weekend, Anglam CC, Anglam One remastered, Turning Point Positron


Interesting Fact - I’m bilingual and people can't tell what race I am.



tyler severance

Current Place of Residence- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Birthday- July 15th, 1991


Favorite Division- 1A and 5A


Occupation- Owner of Recess and Professional Yo-Yo Demonstrator


Other Interests- none I live a very monotonous life of yo-yoing


Favorite Food- Bad pizza, pickles, candy


Favorite Yo-Yo(s)- Komodo, First Base


Interesting Fact- I can’t roll my Rs