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The Cloisters


Surrounded by Fort Tyron Park on the upper west side of Manhattan, is an odd sight for NYC, a Medieval Monastery with free parking. The Cloisters Features over 1000 pieces of medieval artwork, and four cloisters that were deconstructed in their original European locations and then meticulously put back together brick by brick. Besides the cloisters are beautiful chapels, sculptures, tapestries and even a room dedicated to Unicorns.  

Entering the Museum is a divine experience, and unlike anything you will likely find on this side of the Atlantic. Sprawling works of art, presented in a venue specifically designed to match the time period in which they were created. We chose to film here for those exact reasons. Yoyo tricks are an art form. Something we take very serious at Recess and put a lot of effort into. We left The Cloisters inspired to make more and better art. We hope you find the same.

- Tyler


Available Feb. 26th in Pink Lemonade, Blackout, Fire Island, and Japan Team


Available now in Orange, Purple, Star Dust, and Champagne

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